Compare DuroMat Extended Life®

DuroMat Extended Life®

Other Play Tiles


Loose-Fill Materials

Meets CPSC Guidelines for Surfacing

Contingent on installation

Only when maintained

Meets ASTM F1292 Impact Attenuation

Contingent on installation

Appropriate depth only

Meets ASTM Flammability Testing

Many are flammable

Provides Fall Protection up to 9 Feet

Contingent on installation

Only when maintained

Meets ASTM F1951 for ADA Accessibility

Most not accessible

Uniform, Consistent Surfacing

Tends to roll and crack

Easy to Maintain

Slip Resistant

10-Year Warranty

IPEMA Certified

Very few certified

Very few certified

Detroit Testing Labs Validated

State Funded Testing Performed By NPPS

Featured in Surfacing Programs by IA, MO, MN, NE, WI and TN

(School board associations)

NPPS Selected Product

(Based on a 2-year study)

Legal Support Services
(Legal assistance for schools with a "National Playground Certified Playground")

Lower Price Per Pound Than Other Tiles

20 to 25 Year Life Expectancy

Made From Recycled U.S. Tires

Manufactured in the Midwest / USA

China, New Zealand, Canada

Uses Proprietary, Advanced Resins to Increase Durability & Softness

Patented Cold-Cure Manufacture Process

(Tiles do not harden over time)

Fine Rubber Particles for Increased Density and Impact Absorption


(Does not retain water or freeze)

30% More Material Than Other Similar Products

(Longer Durability)

Non-Interlocking for Easy Maintenance and Installation

Many brands interlock & separate

Molded-In Beveled Edges and ADA Access Ramps