The 4 “P”s of a Successful Project

Selecting a winning play experience without a strategy and a knowledgeable approach can be an overwhelming and ultimately disappointing assignment.  As you begin the process of selecting and installing a safe playground for your community, your National Playground program manager will walk you through the complex world of safety and compliance, helping you choose age-appropriate, ASTM, CPSC and ADA-compliant equipment and surfacing for your playground. Our team will guide you through the process of:

  •  Establishing priorities based on age groups of users and desired social, intellectual, emotional and physical learning areas.
  •  Examining equipment and safety surfacing options that fit your budget and your space.
  •  Providing you with information you need to make an informed decision about the play experience that fills the needs for you and your intended audience.
  •  Providing you with information to help you look down the road at maintenance and inspection requirements so your new playground can pass a certified playground safety inspection after it's installed...and for years to come.

As children grow from toddlers (ages 6 to 24 months) to early childhood (ages 2-5) to school-age (ages 5-12), their social, intellectual, emotional and physical learning needs change. A play experience suitable for a four-year-old can be inappropriate and unsafe for a one-year-old. Your National Playground program manager is experienced and CPSI-Certified (Certified Playground Safety Inspector) by the National Recreation and Park Association to help you examine the play experience needs of your users and identify the equipment and safety surface that complies with the latest rules and regulations - all while meeting the needs of your specific situation.

After you've determined your required play experiences and selected ASTM-compliant play equipment and amenities for your new playground, your National Playground program manager will present your team with high quality, 3-D renderings of your specific playground site. You will also be given diagrams that detail the safe use zones around your product, and our recommendation for ADA-compliant safety surfacing.; together, we will make adjustments based on your specific budget and time line, and approve final designs and production schedule.

Once you place your order, your National Playground program manager will coordinate site preparation, schedule material delivery and manage all aspects of installation of playground equipment, site amenities and safety surfacing; giving you peace of mind that your new, safe playground will be delivered and installed on schedule and on budget.

Once you've placed your order, we can begin to make plans for your grand opening celebration!

Your National Playground program manager will work with you throughout production and installation so you can determine the best time to schedule the celebration of your new recreation site. Once we've decided on a schedule, many options are available to build awareness of your park and its opening celebration, including press releases to local media outlets, a dedicated Facebook page where members of the local community can see photos and gather information about the new or updated park in their community, mailed postcard invitations to the surrounding neighborhoods; and much more.

The program managers at National Playground are excited to discuss and develop a custom solution to ensure your opening day is a success.

Safety doesn't end when your playground is installed. In fact, it takes an ongoing commitment to regular inspection and maintenance to ensure your safe playground remains safe for years to come.

Your National Playground program manager is there by your side, ready to help you develop a regular inspection and maintenance program. We can provide you with sample inspection and maintenance forms and train your staff to supervise, inspect and provide continuous maintenance in your new or updated recreation site.

Do you need a multi-season solution? Many times, the funds are simply not available to fulfill the complete vision of a recreational area at one time. At National Playground, we're professionals at phased project mapping and can provide you with a solution to ensure your project looks complete at every stage in its life cycle. Should you need to discuss a phased project plan, your program manager is ready to walk you through that process with ease.